This page has highlights of past and upcoming events. Click HERE to read about our award as Best Pantry in Houston.

Thanksgiving – 2020

Our Thanksgiving 2020 was fantastic. After many setbacks, the team stepped up to provide a very smooth, professional distribution of food. We served more than 1080 families. Collected approximately 2800 bags of food. Assembled 1400 bags of fresh produce and served turkeys or chickens to each family.

With the help of Pods, Inc. and U-Haul Trucks we were able to store the food on the parking lot. Natural Shield Technologies Inc, sanitized the Gym so we could bring in the fresh produce to be bagged. Houston Title Holdings Inc. bagged 300 personal care bags for distribution. The Hillshire Village Office gave us a lot of support and encouragement.

On Monday we served 482 families recommended by Counselors at the Spring Branch Elementary Schools and on Tuesday we opened to serve more than 550 families from the community.

Our hearts are full and overflowing at the memory of the wonderful generosity of all our friends!

It was a happy day, we all felt that we had been very successful in “Feeding the Hungry”! The following video shows a few highlights from the event, and a list of our generous sponsors is below the video.

Church Sponsors:

Christ the King Presbyterian Church

Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Houston Mennonite Church

John Knox Presbyterian

Open Door Christian Church

Memorial Drive Lutheran Church

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Memorial Drive United Methodist Church

Our Lady of Walsingham

St. Cecilia Catholic Church

St. Joseph Orthodox Church

St. Mark Lutheran Church

St. Peter United Church of Christ

Tallowood Baptist Church (Bereans)

Tallowood Baptist Church (12th Grade Sunday School)

Tallowood Baptist Church (Faithful Foundations)

Terrace United Methodist Church


Other Group Sponsors:

Big Little School (Terrrace United Methodist)

Chapelwood UMC “The Encouragers” Sunday School Class

Cinnamon Oak Crew

Duchesne Girl Scout Troop #125089 & #125076

Endeavor Behavioral Institute

Fair Haven UMC Day School

High School Hunters for the Hungry

Holy Cross Early Learning Center

National Charity League

St. Michael Girl Scout Troop #149077

The Regis School of the Sacred Heart

Yorkshire Women’s Club


Business Sponsors:  

Houston Title Holdings 

Hillshire Village

Natural Shield Technologies – Geary Broadnax

Pods, Inc.


How We’re Dealing With Corona Virus

2020 has been an exciting time for East Spring Branch Food Pantry. With the virus our numbers have gone from an average of 650 families each month to as high as 995 in April . In the beginning everyone was frantic to get food and get it quickly. The volunteers who have issues had to step back from serving because of the fear of catching the virus. The rest of the volunteers have stepped up by serving frequently to fill the teams. And thankfully, many persons have come to us to volunteer and to bring donations of food and/or money. When things get tough we have the resources to purchase the items needed to serve an abundance of food to those who come to us.

One of our volunteers drives to Spring occasionally to purchase wonderful produce for the pantry. While there recently a woman asked about her purchase and Denise told her it was for a Food pantry. She made video to thank us, and it is attached. We love wonderful reviews by our guests!! Stay Safe and Healthy Everyone.

New Pantry

Previously the pantry used one-half of its current building and shared it with the maintenance equipment of the church. We took over the whole building and added 20 feet to the current building. The photo below shows the artist rendering of the new Pantry before construction started. We now occupy the entire 1600 ft. building. In addition, we built the church a new storage facility. The choice-style pantry now looks like a small grocery store, where our friends can come and with guidance choose the food their families would like to eat. Having more space enables us to take advantage of bargains from the Houston Food Bank, it also provides space for nutrition classes, and even attracts more volunteers, so we can be open at night to better serve our working clients. We have enlarged the Storage building to incorporate a Donation Center where donations can be dropped off.