This page has highlights of past and upcoming events. Click HERE to read about our award as Best Pantry in Houston.

Christmas Store- 2021

The second annual Christmas Store was successful beyond our greatest expectations!

131 families with 468 children were invited to come to choose Christmas presents. Each child received at least one new toy, one book and one stuffed animal. We served hot chocolate and cookies and festive Christmas music was filling the airwaves!!!

All this was coordinated by our volunteer Vanessa Estebanez and her friends, and the employees of Stallion Oil and Gas. The decorations were wonderful and just drew the children in to the wonderland of gifts!!! With the help of Hillshire Village, Monarch Oaks Neighborhood Group, countless friends and neighbors the holiday season was launched at the East Spring Branch Food Pantry.

One young man was so thrilled he begged Vanessa to “ Please tell Santa. Thank you!!” She assured him that she would tell Santa thank you! We are so grateful for this team of volunteers and for their enthusiasm for this so very sweet gift to the children!!!

Thanksgiving – 2021

In 2021 we had another successful Thanksgiving Distribution. A total of 1068 families were served. In addition, ESBFP supported three smaller food pantries with their Thanksgiving programs.

From a small pantry (20 years ago) recording all information by hand and giving our clients a prepacked bag of food, we’ve evolved to a very sophisticated pantry. We use computer programs to stay organized. We now bring guests into the pantry to choose their own food, and we walk them to their cars. All this has happened in just 20 years. It has been a meteoric rise with many of the pantry’s volunteers having been there for the entire trip. Our mission is to serve everyone who visits the pantry with generosity and without judgment.

ESBFP has 130 volunteers. We are open four days/week, host a Nutrition Class once/month and a food fair in the parking lot every month. All people who come to the pantry are served. It they live outside the closest 8 zip codes we serve, we will provide those families with names and phone number of food pantries in their own neighborhood after serving them. No one leaves our pantry without food – ever! The record number of volunteers this year were an important part of this event. The event would not have been possible without our dedicated volunteers. They came with enthusiasm and generosity that made the whole event a good and enjoyable experience for everyone. We thank them very much.

The list of the team Leaders alone for this years event was impressive: Lindsay Bhatia, Bob Randall, Mary Beth Bartkus, Yvonne Andoh, Alison Broadnax, William Green, Scott Kirkin, Natalie Hardy, Rick Talbott and Mary White. We’d especially like to recognize and thank one of the photographers for the event: Alex Broadnax who is a student pantry volunteer. We’d also like to thank Preston Zuckerman who created the Thanksgiving Video using the photos taken by Alex and our other volunteers. Our hearts are full and overflowing with the memory of the wonderful generosity of all our friends and the happy and wonderful families who we served! On November 22nd, we served almost 600 families recommended by 20 SBISD elementary schools, and on November 23rd, additional families in the community were served until most of the food was given out

It was a happy day, we all felt we’d been very successful in “Feeding the Hungry”! The following video shows a few highlights from the event, and a list of our generous sponsors is below the video.

Our Contributors

Stewart Packaging donated the bags
Randal’s Grocery Store sold us the turkeys and chickens and delivered them to us
Max Movers picked up and delivered the turkeys
LAT Produce sold us the fresh produce
JoV Smart Shop donated the 100s of banana boxes for packing

The following organizations donated to the “Meal in a Bag”

Christ the King Presbyterian Church
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
Houston Mennonite Church
Open Door Christian Church
Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church
Memorial Drive United Methodist Chruch
Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Church
St. Cecilia Catholic Church
St. Joseph Orthodox Church
St. Mark Luthran Church
St. Peter Uhnited Church of Christ
Tallowood Bapties Chruch (Bereans)
Tallowood Baptist Chruch (Sunday School)
Tallowood (Covenant Copnnect)
Terrace UMC/Bib Little School
Endeavor Behavioral
Yorkshire Women’s Club
Holy Cross Early Learning Center
The Regis School
Duchesne Girl Scouts
St. Francis Episcopal Church
Unitarian Fellowship of Houston
Little Lights
High School Hunters for the Hungry
St. Francis Epis

How We’re Dealing With Corona Virus

2020 has been an exciting time for East Spring Branch Food Pantry. With the virus our numbers have gone from an average of 650 families each month to as high as 995 in April . In the beginning everyone was frantic to get food and get it quickly. The volunteers who have issues had to step back from serving because of the fear of catching the virus. The rest of the volunteers have stepped up by serving frequently to fill the teams. And thankfully, many persons have come to us to volunteer and to bring donations of food and/or money. When things get tough we have the resources to purchase the items needed to serve an abundance of food to those who come to us.

One of our volunteers drives to Spring occasionally to purchase wonderful produce for the pantry. While there recently a woman asked about her purchase and Denise told her it was for a Food pantry. She made video to thank us, and it is attached. We love wonderful reviews by our guests!! Stay Safe and Healthy Everyone.

New Pantry

Previously the pantry used one-half of its current building and shared it with the maintenance equipment of the church. We took over the whole building and added 20 feet to the current building. The photo below shows the artist rendering of the new Pantry before construction started. We now occupy the entire 1600 ft. building. In addition, we built the church a new storage facility. The choice-style pantry now looks like a small grocery store, where our friends can come and with guidance choose the food their families would like to eat. Having more space enables us to take advantage of bargains from the Houston Food Bank, it also provides space for nutrition classes, and even attracts more volunteers, so we can be open at night to better serve our working clients. We have enlarged the Storage building to incorporate a Donation Center where donations can be dropped off.